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The NEW realsexibarbie 2.0 Version

At Wet Republic in Vegas

Beach Barbie Doll Photoshoot

More videos coming soon for members! Live webcam chats are available NOW!

Way home from beach photoshoot

For any girls that want to be a model!!

Barbie in the jacuzzi

Brunette Barbie Doll

Im a Barbie Doll

Just lil ol Me.

Pretty in Pink Barbie Doll.

Cherry Vixxxen Barbie Doll

My pitbull puppy is cuter than yours! =)

Playboy bunny barbie

Playboy Bunny Barbie Doll ;)

Go ahead and hate on it bitches, its what your best at =).

New cell phone picy =)

Few more pics from Vegas....

Candid pics from Vegas!

Cherry ViXXXen Barbie Doll

Black Tie Affair Barbie Doll

Hot Pink Fishnet Barbie Doll

Bondage Barbie Doll

Kiss my fucking ass haters. Hehe Muaz <3333

Do You like It Wet Barbie Doll

At the Beach

Just me....Real life Barbie Doll =)

Dream Angel Barbie Doll

In the tanning bed....

The pic that comes on my poster

Dream of Me Barbie Doll

Barbie girls can get this HOTTT outfit....

Sweet like Sugarrr Barbie Doll =)

Sample pic from my Jungle photoshoot

I can cook =)

Im Barbie Doll Sized =)

Preview pic from my new shoot


Professional pic w black hair

I effing HATE bugs

Photoshoot tomorrow!

Teeny Tiny Barbie Doll =)

Fishnet is HOT =)

Celly pic I took tonight....

OMG, Me with black hair!

Lots of new pics coming soon!

Before bed =)

Before the gym

VISA is here!


New cell phone pics =)

So want to change up my hair....

Dumb hackers

My first blog!

Lots of new pics coming soon!

Lots of new pics coming soon!

Heres another random pic for you guys. =)

Random fact....The tattoo on my lower back was the first tattoo I ever got, and is still my favorite one.

This coming week is my bondage photoshoot! Im so excited. There is a ton of hot pictures that are going to be added, including ones with all black hair, so if you aren't a member yet be sure to join today and see everything!

Ill add more pics in this blog section as I get time....and Ill snap a celly pic for you guys at my photoshoot.

Muaz bitches. <3

"Like Plastik"

P.S. I just added some more naked celly pics special just for my members last night. Ill post some more tonight too <3

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she os hotter than the sun but she is really sexy her man is really lucky to hav her love ya and she is sexier than anyone else in the wrold

Damn i just exploded in my pants.Thank you Barbie!LOL

i wont to stick my dick in your pussy and cum on yout tits xxx

larry if i had one wish i think you could guess what that wish whould be vary nice

the player
nice ass

Just Eyecandy
Got to ask!<br><br>if i may have an answer:)<br><br>Is your holy ass real:) like in REAL REAL..not plastic?:) <br>if its plastic like your amazing boobs im gonna send my woman straight to the DOC for a "upgrade" ;) asap

you make me wanna kill myself lol

sexy as hell an nice ass for a white girl lol

nice tits and perfect ass. put my dick in ur ass and make u moan

damn i want to fuck that tigh wet pussy...

your so fucking hot i would just fkn rape those maafucking titties

i want to fuck youur pussy with my dildo :p

The Edge
Don't panic, she is going to use a wig. And I did find one major flaw with her, she isn't with me, lol...

Blonde to black? That is a pretty dramatic change. Im pretty sure that you could rock any hair color though!

Great legs
First of all thanks for adding me on your my space because then I was able to find this glorious site =D No really, I think my favorite part about you is your legs. I am a leg guy. Im actually really picky when it comes to females. So take it as a big compliment when I tell you that you have the perfect shape legs. Some girls have weird looking knees, fatter stumpier legs, legs with no shape, calves/ankles that are too big etc. I could not find one flaw with yours.To me they are your best assest! They should be insured for money =)

I want flat abs
Is your stomach/thighs naturally thin and muscular? Did you have lipo done? Or are you just one lucky ass bitch? HA Can you answer that question on our next blog please. Just curious

Lol the comment under me is so true!

Ok I seriously blame you for this huge Barbie trend on my space. It actually gets on my last nerve when every other damn page I click on is some girl trying to imitate you calling themselves Barbie when they look nothing even remotely close to it. I swear they even try to pose like you with their cellphones. Its so crazy. Everyone needs to step back cause they aint going to be able to do it like you. It is crazy how you really made yourself look like a walking doll. I too afraid to get plastic surgery even my boobs done but damn you created the Barbie image perfectly. Lol.

post some more pics! Likeyou should just take a pic daily of you. I love coming to your site and looking at you.Your so beautiful, and I hope to look like you one day. But it doesnt have to be professional, Im curious to see what you wear on a daily basis too. Like how you dress. Well just giving you my opinion. I love new pics of you!

Blonde is better
I think the blonde will look better with your over all look and I really dont think that I am going to like it over the blonde, but make sure to post some pics so I can see =)

You can not be serious with that webcam picture in the preview picture section on the chair. I think that is illegal its so hot. Please post more =)

Love for you
Your perfect and I love you. Im happy to see that you finally got a site together. I think you should have made one a long time ago! I wish you much success in everything you do. Dont worry about your haters, others will always be jealous when they see someone else successful. Never forget to thank God for all the wonderful gifts he has given you.

I have never seen a girl with as many haters as you have. I think it is like a world record or some shit

I think Im going to cry if you dye your hair black. You have the best blonde hair. Dont do it!

OMG I literally can not wait to see the black hair on you. Post a pic in this section please if you dont that is just messed up!

it almost look like ur smiling

We gotta get you a higher resolution cell phone babe! :) Keep up the good work.

Im so jealous. I want everything that you have. Not just the looks Im talking about either. You seem like you have like the perfect life. A perfect relationship. Its just not fair. I hate Barbie the bitch has everything

cotton candy
I love your tat. You should do a close up of it cause its hard to make out what it is.I really want to get one in that same spot

No one can compare to you babe! Your the real barbie everyone else is a wanna be

Love being a member
My G*D I think I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the new cell phone pic for members you posted. Its almost painful to look at you cause I cant touch. Please post some more like that!

Ged up
I seriously cant get over how hot you are.

damn yous a sex bitch

The Edge
I get the pleasure of seeing her a couple times a week at the gym. While she certainly has a smokin' body, the best things about her is she is a sweatheart in person. As for her workout routine, she hit's it pretty hard although I never see her do abs and she has a washboard! It's not fair.

I think your naked cell phone pictures are some of my favorite pictures you have. Please add more ones like that. Maybe like the same one above but without the shirt ;)

Hey Baby
You looked gorgeous on webcam last night. I loved your pink thong and your matching pink nails. I was looking at the new pics that you added on your front page and I love them so much. The one were you are really tan with the white bikini bottom is my new desktop picture.

dont worry about it
If someone says Nicki Minaj one more time Im going to choke a baby. I didnt even know who that chick was until you mentioned her. I had to google the name. And dont trip mama, she cant even compare. She looks like she from the jungle, you look like you straight out the barbie box fo realz

I cant wait to see what black looks like in a professional shoot. Its hard to beat your look already though and I think that blonde is alot more Barbieish

I cant believe that you got nearly 400 comments on that status that you posted. Wow. I have to give it to you, your alot smarter than you know how to keep traffic to your page/ people talking about you. And by the way I like you website. Its something new and fresh. Not the same old thing Ive seen with other girls sites.

there is nothing funnier than a black girl calling herself barbie nicki minaj you are NOT WHITE keep dreaming barbie i love you

You do it FAR better than that ghetto biatch!

B Boy
Im dying to see what black hair looks like on you. Make sure though you keep it long!

I was thinking that maybe you could put up your workout routine/diet and either charge pple for it or put up in the members section only and maybe put some pix with it of you workin out in the gym. just a thought, let us know what you think. xoxo

the closest thing to black barbie is lil kim shes gorgeous! But still, there is ONE and ONE person only that can call herself barbie and we all know who that is! love u stacy!

PLease dont get rid of the blonde!

to touch the heenieeeeeeeeee

lol at Niki
When I heard about that singer chick calling herself barbie I was excpecting to see a hot blonde haired chick. Needless to say she is completely the oppposite. lol. Not being mean or racial but she shouldnt really call herself Barbie. it just looks really stupid. You tho really look like one. Tell her to hand over her chain!

That sexy Chick song on your my space was def made for you! I love your tatoos!

Holy hell you are hot

Congrats on this website it looks great and seems to keep getting better!
Cant wait to see black hair on you, although I dont think that you can beat the blonde.

How can Nicki Minaj compare, Nicki looks like a trannie for realzzz and she's not nearly as hot as Staci, PLSSSS

I really think nicki minaj saw you when creating her image

We all know who the REAL Barbie iS!

ur fan
PLease please post a pic in this section with the black hair! A cell phone pic a least!



Uh there is no way you can go black with hair that white blonde. that is going to take weeks to accomplish, your going to have to make it a brown color first. I love you blonde anyway. Being blonde made you famous, you should stay that way.

I agree with the comment below. I hope your not getting rid of the blonde and your not REALLY dying it. Blondes do it better =)

Why cant you just keep it blonde with black streaks? I love your blonde hair!

When I click crdit card There is no Visa Cards allowed.....Please fix

I love your website I want to make one so badly its expensive to make huh? How did you make yours?

you really look like a barbie but in a hotter version!!

damn soo beautiful body and face it's all good

this pic just gave me the biggest erection fuck MY MOM IS COMING GOT TO GO

I love
the white blonde!

pretty aint the word for it.. there isnt one

if i had 1 chance 2 make love 2 u i would please u in everyway and anyway u wanted!

Foxy chica
blonde bombshell all the way! hugs&k

Your body looks delicious. Yum ;)

California Barbie need a Minnesota Black Mile A Minute Ken doll! Yes ya do!

ALL FAKE!! Barbie is the perfect name for you =)

Tony Bone
damn baby u look too good for words..u need to come out here to miami lol imma propose in the airport ;-)

Tovar R
Amazing! As always!! You got a lucky man!

I was peeping your my space I like what you gots to say.

are you famous? Or are you just popular cause your so hot? I cant believe that you have half a million friends on your my space. Thats nutso. So you make a living off being hot? Wow, now thats got to be the best job ever. LOL

I cant wait to see the pics from the bondage shoot. I know those pics are going to be so hot. I cant even pic a favorite album of your pictures, I love them all.

Hey girl
I love the new pics on your front page please add more and your status comment on my space is so true I never really thought about it but once you think about it you realize how true it is all the girls just be jealous of you

LoLing so hard at someone calling you fat you just cant be serious

i would to terrable and unforgiveable things lmao

skinny chick
YOU are my inspiration <3

I love you as a blonde its my personal favorite but I am curious to see what black hair looks like on you keep it blonde though

love u
holy fuckin shit!! your fuking gorgeous!! i'd die to look like no joke your my fukin idol!! i love you xxox

Tha Man
god can anyone look more perfect, that body is amazing!

yung G

all urs
can i plz come and take you away...i will make you the happyes woman in the world....i have evrything

Damn I would lick the sweat off of you girl

Wait r you dying it black!!!!??? Dont get rid of the platinum i love it on you its so hot like movie star status

OMG i cant wait to see what black looks like your going to look hotter than Megan Fox

Yes She Does Have The VISA Option!!! So Join Already And Stop Fucking Around Coz It's All Worth It! I Love That White Tied Bikini Pic, White Looks Good On Ya...


your fan fo life

you look fat

ooo bby i wannaa kiss your ass;))

Jay Man
I WANT TO JOIN UR SITE! Is there still Visa?

sign up
so whats up with the visa option? u havent updated us on whats goin on with that. i want to join so bad!

girly girl
Black hair on you is going to look amazing!

My favorite part about you is how jealous you make other girls. They all hate but secretly they wish that they had everything that you have. I hope you realize how lucky you are.

Rose Mary
your absolutly stunning chick.

prettier than barbie:)

loveyou xx

if i can have 1 wish id b u

Im dying to see what you look like with black hair please post a pic in this blog section!

Koo AId
You have the hottest body out by far

I wanna see you with all black hair. I think it'd suit you!

YAY! I cant wait too see the ones with black hair

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