This was right before we went into Club Drais in Hollywood!

Thank you so much to my VIP member SoCo for this outfit!! <3

I had a great time at Drais for  my babes birthday. Definitely need to do Hollywood more often. And yes, I love stilettos. I can run in them. =)

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  • SoCo247

    Thanks so much baby for this blog and showing off the outfit I bought for you. Much more amazing & hot than I ever thought it would be. Love how short it is & how it shows off your incredible legs & perfect body. Love it so much & love you so much, incredible as always. You are the best babes.

  • Dcep

    Im positive that you were the hottest girl in the club that night by far. Looking amazing

    • SoCo247

      Oh yeah I totally agree, no one could have held a candle to her at that club, she looks just so smokin hot in that outfit. Plus being able to run in those heels, now that takes some talent. Love ya Barbie, you the greatest.

  • monsdale

    i doubt she needs anyone to tell her she was the hottest in the club that night… she KNEW she was. ;) absolutely jaw-dropping – SoCo, you da man. :)

    • SoCo247

      yes very very true monsdale, she knows she is the hottest woman anywhere and she is not afraid to show off what makes her that. Thanks very much monsdale, but I just supplied the funds, she found the amazing outfit and her body is what makes it oh so much hotter =)

  • Hannahd

    I wish I could be you, even for just a day. Whats it like to be that amazing?

  • Cupcakeekisses

    Omg baby girl you look so gorgeous! I love your hair and the outfit is so hot. I wish that I could wear something like that. I would love to see how other girls react to you when they see you. Omg I would be so jealous! I love your shoes too!

  • Hate1985

    You look so fabolous and sexy!Can you ask him where he bought this? I like it!

    • SoCo247

      I cannot say where she bought it at Hate, cause I just sent the money to her through paypal and she took care of finding something that was to her liking and up her style point. But damn did she do a great job and so much hotter than i thought it would be.

  • hate1985

    So then ill ask you Staci :) Where did you buy this? :)